Terms of Trade

  1. That in submitting any instruction to Intercoll, you acknowledge that this constitutes a legally binding agreement between you ('the client’) and Intercoll.
  2. The Client acknowledges that in submitting any instruction that they have read in full, and understood, and fully agree to abide by the following terms and conditions of trade of Intercoll.
  3. Intercoll operates on a basis of no recovery no charge up until the commencement of legal proceedings, tracing, field visits, credit reporting or investigative attendances. 
  4. That upon receipt of any instruction, Intercoll reserves the right to conduct at their discretion, a field agent visit to assist in recovery/investigative actions to the value of a maximum $110.00 plus GST. A written report is provided within 5 working days. Please note, that the visit charge is payable within 7 days of invoice, and is payable regardless of recovery or result. Any subsequent non commission costs will be upon client authorisation only. If your terms and conditions of trade legally support it, you may be able to claim these costs in addition to your outstanding debt, however the account for the visit will remain payable regardless of recovery.
  5. Intercoll will carry out recoveries or instructed actions on your behalf and are thus authorised to do so effective immediately upon receipt of instruction.
  6. In the event of monies receipted directly by Intercoll on behalf of the Client, monies will be settled to clients minus due commissions and charges within a maximum of 14 days of payment clearance by way of electronic bank transfer.
  7. In the event of payments receipted directly by the Client after recovery instructions to Intercoll, Intercoll will forward an invoice for commissions and any associated charges payable within 7 days of payment clearance by the client.
  8. That Intercoll will be immediately informed of any communications or payments receipted directly by the Client from the debtor after the issuing of instruction to Intercoll, and that any monies receipted directly by the client will be subject to commission charges.
  9. Unless otherwise specified, commission rate is 25% plus GST of monies recovered, as it is recovered. All other charges, apart from the field agent visit fee as detailed in clause 4, are on a quotation and authorised basis only.
  10. That whilst there is no minimum dollar amount that we will pursue on your behalf, please note however that a minimum commission charge of $85.00 plus GST applies. This is in addition to the field visit fee.
  11. In the event of cancellation of instructions by the Client when instructions have been receipted and recovery services have already commenced, Intercoll reserves the right to impose a cancellation fee to cover costs and expenses incurred. The cancellation fee is at the sole discretion of Intercoll, but will not be more than the standard commission charge of 25% plus GST.
  12. That in issuing any instruction to Intercoll, the instructing person confirms that they are duly authorised to issue such instruction on behalf of the entity that they represent.
  13. That in issuing any instruction to Intercoll the client confirms and acknowledges that they have the due and required authority to entitle and instruct Intercoll to carry out credit reports and history inquiries upon the debtor unless otherwise specified in writing at the time of instruction. All liability for such instruction and request in relation to the Privacy Act rests with the client.
  14. That in the event of non payment by a Client of any invoice presented by Intercoll for collection/investigative services, Intercoll reserves the right to add collection costs of 25% plus GST, plus all costs associated with, or incidental to the recovery of outstanding monies. Furthermore, a penalty overdue fee of 8% per month will be incurred in addition to the original outstanding.

Thank you for choosing Intercoll.